PE Jaw Crusher

PE jaw crusher motor drive belt and pulley, the eccentric shaft of the movable jaw movement up and down. When the movable jaw rises elbow plate and the movable jaw angle becomes larger, thus pushing the movable jaw plate close to fixed jaw plate. At the same time the material is crushed, to achieve the purpose of breaking down.

PE Jaw Crusher

The working principle of PE jaw crusher

PE jaw crusher motor drive belt and pulley, the eccentric shaft of the movable jaw movement up and down. When the movable jaw rises elbow plate and the movable jaw angle becomes larger, thus pushing the movable jaw plate close to fixed jaw plate. At the same time the material is crushed, to achieve the purpose of breaking down. When the movable jaw drops, elbow plate and the movable jaw angle becomes small. The movable jaw plate in the bar, under the action of the spring, away from the fixed jaw plate. The broken material from the crushing cavity outlet. With the continuous rotation of the motor crusher jaw periodically to crush and discharge material, to achieve continuous production.

When PE jaw crusher works, a movable jaw plate for periodic reciprocating movement of the fixed jaw plate. By turns around, and left. When approached, the material by extrusion, splitting, impact and is broken in the two jaw plate. When leaving, the material has been broken by gravity from discharged.

According to the motion characteristics of the movable jaw plate of the jaw crusher is different, can be divided into two categories :

1, Simple swing PE jaw crusher

The movable jaw hanging on the mandrel, a side to side. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod to do reciprocating movement up and down, broken and unloading. This machine adopts double crank linkage mechanism is broken. Although the moving jaw has a great crushing force, and the eccentric shaft and the connecting rod has less force. So the industry made more mainframe and midrange, and used for crushing hard materials. In addition, the crusher, jaw trajectory of each point is a circular arc by an eccentric shaft as the center. Curvature radius equal to the distance to the axis. Tip top arc small, circular arc. Broken less efficient. The crushing ratio is generally 3~6. As a simple trajectory, so that a simple swing PE jaw crusher.

2, Complex swing PE jaw crusher

The movable jaw is directly hung on the eccentric shaft. The movable jaw serving as a connecting rod shank. The eccentric shaft directly drives the movable jaw. The lower jaw is connected with the movable hinge support and thrust plate to the back wall of the frame. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the movable jaw trajectory of each point is determined by the circumference of the hanging point (a radius equal to the eccentricity). Moving track down gradually become oval. More to the lower, lower and more elliptical partial, until the thrust plate connection point for circular arc trajectory. Because of this machine on the movable jaw trajectory of each point is more complex, so called complex swing type PE jaw crusher.

Technical Data

Dust transformation of PE jaw crusher

Firstly, existing problems :

In the actual production of the dustproof effect is not very ideal. The main reasons are :

  • 1, large amount of dust density generated when PE jaw crusher working at high;
  • 2, from the dust suction hood, far from the mouth of design and the point of view is not reasonable, easy diffusion is not easy to collect dust;
  • 3, spray head, low pressure atomization, the effect is not good;
  • 4, set up a small head, spray, import and export of each one;
  • 5, after PE jaw crusher cavity, that is, lining board and spring seat is not set dustproof device, about 25% of the amount can not collect the dust.

Secondly, reforming measures :

(1) Current compound pendulum PE jaw crusher should be improved in structure and process. From the source to reduce the generation of dust. PE jaw crusher in the process of stone production line, the number of dust produced by the amount of ore crushing efficiency, play an important role in. The tooth plate tooth density, tooth type and tooth plate and body strong and tooth plate wear degree is an important factor in crushing efficiency. Usually, a sieving ore before entering into the crushing chamber. Only more than sieve specifications will enter PE jaw crusher for crushing ores. But the screen under the existing conditions is easy to jam. If not clear the screen, so a lot of ore are entering PE jaw crusher. This will cause the original can only pass the sieve broken ore is likely to enter PE jaw crusher. It will greatly increase the dust generated. So in order to better control the source of dust, must be timely troubleshooting sieve clogging, reduce the amount of dust produced as much as possible.

(2) A reasonable selection of tooth plate, improve the crushing efficiency. Not only the number of teeth of teeth plate original with less and larger teeth. This is not conducive to crushing high hardness ore. After analysis and comparison, the number of teeth increased three than the original tooth plate and the tooth type small. Through the practical application of the crushing efficiency is increased by about 10%, the amount of dust produced significantly reduced.

(3) PE jaw crusher impact load frequently during the operation. The ore and tooth plate, frequent impact extrusion, the fixed tooth plate is easy to occur during use and the movable jaw tooth plate loosening or shedding phenomenon. Especially the fixed tooth plate. Once the loose tooth plate will seriously reduce the crushing efficiency of PE jaw crusher, resulting in long time retention in the crushing cavity ore. The ore and the tooth plate repeatedly friction generated a lot of dust. Therefore, must make the tooth plate fixation is reliable, can reduce dust generated from the source.

(4) The timely replacement of blunt tooth plate. When the tooth wear will increase the contact area and the ore formation, larger pressure solid core, and will consume a lot of broken power, also resulting in a large amount of dust.

(5) Increase PE jaw crusher the traction speed feed ore conveying the following. Discharging regulating subsequent conveying speed can not only make PE jaw crusher work best, and can achieve the effect of dust control. Practice has proved that, in ensuring the back of each procedure range and production capacity, improve the traction speed, two times less the amount of raised dust.

(6) Spray water pressure on the dust effect. High water pressure of dust deposition is more effective. Increase of spray flow can improve the efficiency of reducing dust. The past is used in industrial circulating water. Not only the water pressure is low, and the water quality is poor. Often spray enough problems. Spray mouth is easily blocked. Spray effect is difficult to control dust diffusion. In order to improve this condition, to supply water pump independent dustproof system. The hydraulic pressure is adjusted to 0.6MPa above. Choose good atomization quality. The spray nozzle of the spray angle. At the same time, according to the geographical features of collecting natural mine water as the water source, greatly reducing the spray nozzle clogging phenomenon, obtained better effect of dust.

(7) In PE jaw crusher work process, source of dust is generated mainly in the crushing cavity. As the ore in the volume crushing cavity is a cyclic process of changing the size of the. Therefore the formation of internal pressure and an obvious flow in its crushing cavity and the outlet. So the dust is mainly to open repair material outlet and inlet of PE jaw crusher ( the movable jaw rod spring position) a lot of discharge, followed by diffusion, the majority of dust in the bud. After setting a spray nozzle in the outlet. Now according to the actual situation, in three points of each set of two spray nozzles. Just above the crushing cavity, the crusher outlet in front or 45 degrees downward and crusher access port. At the same time each of the spray mouth to form cross angle, in order to get the best spray area and effect. Basically this can dust reduction of about 70%.

(8) To improve the dust removal facilities location. Because of the axial flow fan dust cover are originally used far away from the dust discharge port, in the above 2~3m. Parallel angle and dust flow direction. The dust collecting hood design flaw set. In fact, although the dust produced by spray dust, but the residual dust will spread quickly. The actual arrival of fan mouth inhalation of dust dust is not within the scope of. This greatly reduces the effect of dust suction fan. Therefore, the dust collection fan cover according to the actual adjustment to export from the dust outlet is about 1m and the vertical direction of the dust flow. The front end 1/3 and an axial flow fan in ventilation pipeline should also set about. The fan can play the best effect.

(9) The broken open repair machine on PE jaw crusher is arranged at the spring rod suction hood in the jaw. Generally set here the dust hood will bring great inconvenience to production operation. To PE jaw crusher refueling and maintenance need to move the dust cover, also will occupy the aisle.

(10) In order to make the whole dustproof measures is always in a relatively stable state, in order to better control the overall depth of dust. In the actual production process, to enter the crusher before the humidifying treatment. It can effectively reduce the dust generated in the ore crushing process rate.

Thirdly, conclusion :

Practice has proved that, by adopting the comprehensive reform measures, the jaw crusher dust generated in the working process has been effectively curbed. And has made important achievements in the dust collection and prevent the spread.

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