PEW Jaw Crusher

Base on the plentiful experience of producing and marketing of jaw crusher, SBM R&D institution designed the PEW series jaw crusher. It is the newest style jaw crusher and has been widely used in many materials, such as the great hardness of iron ore, steel slag, pebbles, gravel and so on, and the hardness of relatively small granite, basalt, limestone, phosphate, carbide slag, calcium carbide, shale and so on.

PEW Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is called as universal stone crusher

In mining machinery and gravel machinery because the physical characteristics of the different needs of broken, customer requirements are different and the different characteristics of various crushers etc. same factors, poor selection of well crusher can not meet the crushing demand. Therefore, the choice of jaw crusher should be from time to time.

For example, iron ore is too hard. If you use impact crusher or hammer crusher for work, he not only can not achieve the effect of crushing, but cause damage to hammer crusher and other crusher machines. It also causes severe fracture of the stem broken plate hammer and other accidents. Thus production is forced to stop, which causes no greater economic losses. This is due hammer crusher and impact crusher generally used hardness or crushing brittle materials. Again, the field of roads, high-speed railways, bridges, buildings and other high-quality grains in the overall type of sand and gravel and the top ranking. Ordinary laminated crusher products manufactured are not up to the requirements of this type of grain.

However, there are a selection of jaw crusher stone crushing field called the crushing machine "universal". It is the largest manufacturer of SBM engineer crushing machine: Jaw crusher is for both the high hardness of iron ore, slag, gravel, river gravel, etc., or for material hardness relatively small granite, basalt, limestone, phosphate slag carbide, calcium carbide, shale and other raw materials, crusher jaws, not only can easily handle, but also a coarse crushing stone crusher production line equipment required. Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, water conservation, transportation and other industries.

Jaw Crusher Dynamics Model In Stone Production Line

Stone production line can not do without the crushing machine. The jaw crusher plays a role in the main stone production line. Today, we will develop a dynamic model of jaw crusher for everyone. We want everyone in the process of using the stone production line to better understand the grinding process.

Jaw crusher in the gravel plant in working conditions compared to other relatively poor, to ensure the working reliability of the whole machine, we need to ensure the reliability of parts mechanical transmission, control parts the parts and labor machines. So we have to make a dynamic analysis agencies is very necessary.

After kinematic analysis was conducted in the jaw crusher, we can analyze the mechanisms of the machine. Grace before we introduce the kinematic analysis, we can calculate the moving parts of the speed, acceleration, angular velocity and angular acceleration. In addition, we use the 3D model was created, including the part model and assembly model, the final quality parameters of components or quality of the assembly and inertia method of analysis etc. kinetics. In the theoretical analysis of the mechanism, the analysis method to obtain the dynamic matrix of the order of unified crusher day to maximize accuracy.

In the analysis we do not consider the effects of friction. through the dynamic plan of the island chain crusher is characterized four-bar linkage analysis, calculate the torque workout of each hinge on the role of the force and the role in the original.

Technical Data


PEW jaw crusher is widely used in the great hardness of iron ore, steel slag, pebbles, gravel and so on, and the hardness of relatively small granite, basalt, limestone, phosphate, carbide slag, calcium carbide, shale and other raw materials.

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