Ball Mill

Based on the acoustic radiation characteristic of the ball mill cylinder analysis results, intends to sound absorption treatment of ball mill room with space sound sucking body, wall sound absorption method. In order to shorten and adjust the indoor reverberation time, we choose in the ball room walls and ceiling mounted horizontally hanging space sound sucking body.

Ball Mill

Ball Mill working principle

Ball mill rotation, grinding grinding media in the inertial centrifugal force under the action of attached on the inner wall of the ball mill lining plate of the mill and the rotating together and brought to a certain height, due to its own gravity, grinding media whereabouts, the cylinder body materials are crushed; in addition, grinding ore media still exist between the rolling and sliding phenomenon, mainly the materials grinding, material from the feed end slow to the discharge end of the mobile, finish grinding effect. In general, the ball mill movement in a ball mill can be divided into three kinds of state, state, state, turnover and fall down state. The speed is moderate, the grinding medium is lifted to a certain height after nearly parabolic trajectory falling down. The grinding medium has great impact on the material, good crushing effect.

The measures of controlling noise of ball mill

Today, we come to talk about control measures of noise of ball mill. After our previous analysis, considering that only affect the normal functioning unit, maintenance unit and beautiful state, based on the acoustic radiation characteristic of ball mills cylinder test results, plans to probe the treatment ballroom absorption of factory space with the body suck, wall sound absorption method. To shorten and adjust the indoor reverberation time, we choose in the walls of the room bearing and ceiling-mounted hanging space his body horizontally suck. This method uses two technologies : Acoustic board combined broadband and fiber plate glass composite and noise reduction.

The measures of controlling noise of ball mill

By the punch hole protecting panel, sound absorption material and cavity constitute compound sound absorption structure has a wide absorption band, using acoustic absorption of the acoustic energy material, on the other hand, using the air layer to improve the acoustic absorption coefficient of the absorbing material. It also uses the resonant structure of the perforated acoustic absorption. Absorbing materials mainly absorbed in the high-frequency noise, the air layer and the absorbing structure of the perforating panel mainly to improve the acoustic absorption performance of the low frequency noise.

Over the soundproofing wall of the room is sound-absorbing equipment factory council. The number of sound absorption material, and the size of the shape of the structure, have a certain relationship. And the thickness of the material reaches a certain value, can play a sound effect. since the opening of the sound absorbing material is generally relatively large absorption coefficient in high frequency and low frequency sound absorption coefficient is relatively low. To enhance the effect of noise of the entire room, sound absorbing plate perforation rate of 9% walls. In order to increase the absorption coefficient of the low frequency noise wall. The test result shows that after the adoption of the above processes of absorption, control The noise, the noise reduction effect is very obvious. Followed by the Environmental Protection Department, the noise dropped 6dB ball mill room, to achieve good noise reduction effect.


1) On the cylinder worn ball impact were finite element simulation, analysis of ball mill cylinder body burden should emphasize and distribution of ball in the normal operating state mill cylinder strain of vibration mode and natural frequency are obtained. There is evidence that the ball mill no resonance.

2) Based on the calculation results of the acoustic radiation cylinder ball mill, the highest frequency is concentrated in the low frequency band.

3) To the ball mill cylinder 100 ~ 150Hz acoustic radiation of low frequency room noise characteristics for the treatment of acoustic absorption, room noise reduction 6dB machines.

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