Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen with eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block to adjust the swing, the material screen drip line length, screen size, with reliable structure, strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, the vibration noise is small, sturdiness and durability, convenient maintenance, security, and other features. Vibrating screen is widely used in product classification of mine, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries.

Vibrating Screen

Improve The Screening Efficiency Of Vibrating Screen

  • 1, Increase the probability of the material particle, increase the number of the material on the screen, and reduce the percentage of the material particles;
  • 2, In the material morphology, particle size composition and water content rate stable under the premise, by increasing the screen open hole ratio, increase sieve surface vibration strength and improve the screening surface unit load of wire vibration frequency screen, the final product to achieve the optimization of the screening efficiency.

The Structure Of Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is composed of a sieve box, an exciter, a suspension (or a supporting) device and a motor. The motor is driven by triangular belt and the main shaft is rotating. Because of the centrifugal inertia force acting on the unbalanced weight of the exciter, the vibration of the screen box is changed, the eccentric weight of the exciter is changed, and the amplitude of the vibration is obtained.

Main Advantages Of Vibrating Screen

  • 1, Due to the strong box vibration sieve, reducing the material sieve blocking phenomenon, the sieve has a high screening efficiency and productivity;
  • 2, The structure is simple, and the screen surface is convenient;
  • 3, The power consumption per ton of material consumed less.

Technical Data


Vibrating screen is mostly used in numerous medium and soft mineral & rock materials, such as limestone, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, clay, tombar thite, kaolin, gypsum, and graphite, etc.

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