Jaw Crusher Capacity Parameter

According to the type of jaw crusher, jaw crusher can be divided into three kinds, respectively: small jaw crusher, jaw crusher with large crushing ratio, medium jaw crusher, large jaw crusher.

Jaw Crusher Capacity Parameter

1, Small jaw crusher:

The models to begin, ought to be empty load beginning, however when the crushing cavity material can begin when, at this time around from the crusher jaw to concentrate from the center of rotation than nearly. It has possible full load start details. Furthermore, once the air load is nearly heard the breach from the vibration, the crusher is the greatest balance, and also the machine switches into the zero suspension form.

Small crusher sometimes unlike the crusher has to start empty load provisions. Cellular this, we ought to the crusher of center of gravity from the moving jaw is modified, once the crushing cavity and there's no empty load, the middle deviated from the middle of rotation, so it doesn't make crusher entirely load could be began, affecting using crusher.

2, Jaw crusher with large crushing ratio:

The device is an adverse suspension, because of move jaw hanging height reduced, may use more compact eccentricity, leech and bigger dynamic jaw travel, in order to enhance the yield and lower energy consumption, to lessen the dynamic jaw travel than and lower lining put on. Since the movable jaw has the benefits of compact structure, lightweight, center of mass from the middle of rotation to lessen the length between your, small inertia pressure, in order to let the crusher is simple to begin, operation and machine vibration and noise decreased considerably, boost the smooth running from jaw machine.

Such crusher utilizing a multi-objective optimisation design, modern design method can enhance the yield and lower heavy machine, thinking about the eccentric distance, the moving jaw suspension height, ratio of stroke along with other design parameters of mutual influence, to be able to locate an optimal design plan and also the optimal parameter value, in order to let the crusher could be enhanced.

3, Medium jaw crusher:

For this kind of crusher, we adopt the dwelling optimisation style of the crusher has got the best move jaw movement qualities, not just to be sure that the crushing machine output elevated by 35% and lining plate service existence is going to be extended, damaged a considerable loss of the general quality, lessen the weight. Around the structure, the rail pressure from the elbow is enhanced, which is designed to become a compression member rather than a beam, therefore enhancing its strength, and lowering the weight. Pick the appropriate material and process, it may enhance the efficiency from the crusher with a good.

4, Large jaw crusher:

The frame is really a combined welding structure, this rack is simple to set up and transport, but processing volume bigger increase heavy machine, the movable jaw by casting cylinder and welding by itself each rib plate along with a front and dynamic jaw plate connected to the lower cover and includes a root made from round steel moving jaw elbow chair welding moving jaw. This will make its service existence could be extended, its installation and employ may also be convenient, along the way can certainly satisfy the needs.

Crusher of quality, mainly is mechanical element material and mechanical manufacturing technology level, for automatic charge of the crusher, for personnel engaged in this region really is easy, in a nutshell, crushing machine structure design is to make sure that the crusher has got the best performance from the fundamental factors, coupled with advanced machinery manufacturing technologies are to make sure that an adequate condition to find the best performance, each of which are indispensable.

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